Bulk has been booming for several years in order to avoid waste and plastic waste from packaging as much as possible. So, many consumers have turned to bulk purchasing of many products.

Bulk buying for food products

Bulk buying is very successful for some foods. In particular, fruits are bought a lot in bulk. Whether they are dried fruits or not, the bulk allows you to buy the necessary quantity to prevent the fruits from rotting. Especially for dried fruits, it is more practical to buy in bulk in order to take the desired quantity and save money. Oilseeds are also popular in bulk sales because they are easy to store.

transport your food purchased in bulk in a returnable container

The deposit facilitates bulk purchasing.

Second, pulses are sold in bulk a lot. In particular, lentils, peas are very practical and easy to store in bulk boxes, so it is a very good idea to buy them like this. There is also rice, pasta and grains which are easy to store and transport like legumes. Finally, sugar, coffee or tea keep well in bulk and are easily sold in bulk purchase specialty stores.

Much less food purchased in bulk

Liquid is a product that is struggling to see success in the bulk market. This is explained by the difficulty of transporting it. Indeed, the stores do not provide suitable containers for bulk such as glass bottles or jars. So the ecoboite can meet this need because it closes easily, without sealing, and can therefore retain liquid. In addition, there are indications on the quantities of liquid put on the boxes. We can therefore transport typical products such as oil, vinegar, fruit juices. Meat and fish are also foods that can be bought less in bulk. The difficulty in storing them is sometimes too complicated, so consumers are more reluctant to buy this in bulk.

Hygiene products: towards a breakthrough in bulk

Hygiene products are little known among bulk purchasing, but they do exist. Soap, dish products, shower gels, shampoos, many products are available in bulk. Few consumers know it, but bulk is not just for food. The system is the same: there are containers for the liquid and for the solid.

Precisely, the ecoboxes can contain all hygiene products. Whether it is solid soap or liquid salon, there are all the measurement indications on our boxes, and the transparency makes it possible to distinguish the product in question. Also, it is possible to write on the boxes, in order to know exactly the product inside. There is therefore little by little progress in bulk for hygiene products because stores develop bulk over time.

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