La Acquadri® French water bottle is a advertising bottle which offers many possibilities of marking and personalization. The markings are unique and of photo quality to make it a bottle in the image of a brand, a company. The Acquadri® reusable bottle is thus an ideal advertising object to convey a brand image. It can also convey a positive message in the sense of respect for the environment.

2 large branding surfaces for this French advertising bottle: play on transparency

First of all, this reusable bottle replaces single-use plastic bottles. Indeed, consuming tap water in reusable bottles is the most ecological way to hydrate.

By creating Acquadri we wanted to democratize the act of drinking tap water. This is the main reduction in the environmental impact of the project.

Bruno Lefebvre – Designer of theAcquadri®

The design has been thought out to make this bottle elegant and efficient, so that it can be distributed as widely as possible. Thus, advertisers, advertisers, communication agencies immediately see the advantages of this advertising bottle: the 2 large flat surfaces that offer many possibilities for graphic creation.

Here are the different marking possibilities of this French gourd:

It is possible to have a marking of the 2 faces with view by transparency of the back face

Personalized bottles in the colors of the Betom Group

Rear side marking only with see-through view is also available

Personalized bottles with a poster or photo

The marking of the front side and / or the back side 

Personalized bottles for RC Lens, ecological and design advertising object

Individual customization possible with the first name / last name of the employees

The markings can contain a four-color logo, or an entire surface in photo quality.

Nominative personalization possible with the first and last names of your employees

If you offer this reusable bottle to your employees, it means that you are in a process zero waste. You have decided to limit your production of waste in your company by replacing single-use bottles, cups or glasses. You provide reusable containers to each of your employees. They will be able to fill their bottle at the water fountain, at the tap, and return to their office or post.

Blue Acquadri personalized bottles, 1 side personalization

La personalized personalization ou individual customization allows everyone to recognize their bottle and not to take their colleague's bottle!

White label personalization for optimal communication

You will have noticed that no logo is present on the bottle. Your communication will be all the more effective. Indeed, the 2 large marking surfaces are reserved solely for your image. Ideal for sending a message and communicating about your sustainable development commitment. Many customers choose to specify that the promotional bottle Acquadri® is made in France, in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. This little message can help you justify your choice of bottles and enhance your gift in the case of a corporate gift.

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