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2 sugar packagingThe Manufacturer and Distributor of Sugar Daddy, told us at its last press conference, that it would abandon their traditional pink packaging of powdered sugar by packaging from green chemistry, and this from the beginning of the year. next.

Finally, manufacturers are starting to think about ecodesign.


This packaging will be made of 90% vegetable plastic made from raw materials of renewable origin, mainly cane sugar. If this new raw material is 100% substitutable for the usual plastic without modifying the packaging in the factory, Alain Commissaire, the managing director of Cristal Union, announces that it significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases: "the manufacturing of plant-based plastic captures more CO2, which represents a differential of 400 tonnes of CO2 over one year. "


Cristal Union calculated that this change would allow, for each year, a reduction of 100 tonnes of fossil packaging on the market. Finally, the packaging is lighter - 65 g against 75 g - with advantages for transport. Financially, Alain Commissioner specifies that this new packaging will cost more, “in the order of single to double, but in line with the aspirations of the group which wants to make green chemistry a strong axis of development. However, 2 million units are planned for 2014.


"The fact that this new packaging is recyclable has a plus for the environment" indicates Olivier de Bohan, president of Cristal Union. An argument that could appeal to many consumers. It should be noted however that these boxes, obtained from sugar, do not self-dissolve in water or crunch. Perhaps the next innovation from Cristal Union


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