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Chefs and gourmets say it often, vegetables and fruit should not be put in the refrigerator. This method of preservation effectively removes the flavor of the products and dries them up at the same time. We then have to throw them too quickly to benefit from the freshness. In addition, the cold removes a good part of the vitamins. The solution is to have a dedicated utensil to extend the life of our vegetables and fruits. Vitalia was designed for this purpose.

Vitalia: an innovation of Quebec origin and French manufacture

The dedicated utensil to store your fruits and vegetables called Vitalia comes to us from the beautiful Canadian province of Quebec. Its design was imagined and refined by the Jarre company. The goal of producing an item that is both easy to use and aesthetically appealing motivated the company. With the proliferation of open kitchens, kitchen items are indeed a charming asset, to be selected with care.

Vitalia consists of a porcelain container surmounted by eight removable wooden slats. Its refined visual rendering is both warm and contemporary. It can be placed flat on a kitchen cabinet or fixed on a wall bracket.

If the conception of Vitalia is Canadian, its manufacture is French. The meeting of two cultures of excellence guarantees you a sustainable product.

How Vitalia works to preserve your fruits and vegetables

Drying helps accelerate the degradation of fruits and vegetables. The refrigerator contributes to this drying out. A long stay in the water is even more damaging. The idea is therefore to provide humidity while preventing fruits and vegetables from bathing in water.

This is the purpose of the slats. After aligning these pieces of wood on their location, place the fruits or vegetables and gently pour in cool water. You will stop when the bottom of the ceramic pan is covered. Be careful not to pour too much. The slats must not touch the water. You just have to make sure that the bottom is always covered to ensure the hydration of fruits and vegetables.

fruit and vegetable preservation

The Vitalia, resolutely design to preserve your fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables that last up to four times longer

Compared to careless storage in the refrigerator or in the open air, Vitalia prolongs the life of fruits and vegetables up to four times longer. All products are not in the same boat, because some plants have a faster natural degradation cycle. However, this gain will considerably reduce food waste in your household. With 20 kg of waste per inhabitant, or nearly 200 euros per year, imagine the savings you will make for your family.

If you start to move in, you will be able to buy a smaller refrigerator and buy several Vitalia. The objective is both to preserve the flavor of fruits and vegetables and to minimize the carbon impact of your home. Not only do you consume less energy thanks to a smaller device, but you also reduce the food waste. Like what, it is quite possible to eat well while taking care of our fragile planet.

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