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Design is not just a beautiful chair, a beautiful table or a beautiful decorative object. When the product offers an innovation, when the product helps us to consume better in our daily lives, design takes on its full meaning. At my eco design, we try to offer only useful objects, objects that allow us to carry out eco-citizen actions on a daily basis.
The last comer, Vitalia, a product that allows keep your fruits and vegetables longer, a product that fight against food waste.


alternative to the refrigerator for storing fruits and vegetables

How to keep the freshness of your fruits and vegetables for longer?

We are in the same case, we want to have available, at all times, tasty and fresh fruits and vegetables, without going shopping every day! The most obvious solution is to put it in the refrigerator. This is something that should not be done. After reading this article, this is a habit that you will lose! Indeed the cold of the refrigerators damage our fruits and vegetables. They spoil faster, they lose their flavor, they wilt, etc.

The solution is to bring them freshness, of course, but above all humidity. The humidity will help the preservation without rushing our favorite foods.

If you don't have a cool, damp cellar or don't feel like going down to the basement before every meal, we have the solution! A design solution that is placed on the worktop of our kitchen ...


keep fruits and vegetables out of the refrigerator

Vitalia increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by 3 or 4

As mentioned, the solution is to permanently provide moisture to our food. This humidity will allow better conservation while preserving the taste and nutritional values.
The principle is simple. Vitalia is a ceramic container on which wooden slats are placed. A water spray bottle is supplied with the product.
The fruits or vegetables are placed on these wooden slats, it suffices to spray water on the food to moisten them, or even wet them. The water will run off to end up in the ceramic container. Over the course of the day, this water will evaporate to provide the humidity necessary for good conservation.


alternative to the refrigerator for fruits and vegetables


The ideal is therefore to vaporize the food regularly, once a day for example, and to ensure that there is always water in the ceramic container.

For healthy cooking, full of flavor and vitamins ...

What fruits and vegetables can I store with Vitalia?

Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that will keep perfectly thanks to Vitalia:

- tomatoes, peppers, eggplants: they will retain their taste values
- cucumbers and zucchini: they will keep their natural crunchiness
- pears, apricots, peaches, nectarines: hydrated, they will develop their taste and their natural sugar
- but also avocados, bananas, citrus fruits

Vitalia is available on the my eco design online store for € 98,40. Access the product



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