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We have already spoken to you about this subject in this blog, but it is essential to remind you because the stakes are high. My-eco-design is an online store of eco design products. My-eco-design is also and above all a company which publishes eco design products and solutions. This in various sectors, water filtration with our filtering water fountains, beverage service with Isotea and Isojuice drink dispensers, reusable bottles, waste collection with Selectibox sorting bins, etc. We were asked to work on an effective solution to optimize the collection of used cooking oils from households and individuals. Here is a little reminder and a brief presentation of our system: The Oil Shack®.

Collection of used cooking oils

The oil shack for more and better collection of used oil

THEused oil individuals is often thrown down the sinks, in the toilets. An aberration when we know that this oil is extremely complicated and expensive to process for wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater treatment plants face a lot of problems in treating these waste oils to provide us with quality tap water.

In addition, these used oils have a second life. They are transformed into bio-fuel for our vehicles or into bio-fuel for our boilers. Your frying oil is therefore no longer a waste but rather a resource. We use waste to make fuel, not oil! Are you interested in less dependence on oil?

After a surprising observation that only 5% of used household oils are collected and recycled into bio fuel, we worked on the subject, at the request of waste collectors and communities. The Oil Shack® was created with the objective of collecting more and better used household oil. But how?

collection of frying oils

How can we no longer collect used cooking oil?

The first part of our work was to make the system accessible to as many people as possible. It should be noted that the frying oil must be taken to a recycling center, that it is very polluting for the water networks, that it turns into bio-fuel. We realized that few people know it, and we are convinced that many of us would make this gesture of voluntary contribution if we knew about it.

The name The Oil Shack® was therefore not chosen at random. It refers to the stalls with fries to stay in our memories. The communication is intended to be fun, as proof of this playful mini comic which explains the oil circuit, from your kitchen to the car.

The collection of used cooking oil according to La Baraque à Huile

The Oil Shack, the system deposited in a waste reception center, is also communicating. You can see it from afar and it reminds you of the French fry house. Users are taken aback and take an interest in it. We send a message simply, naturally.

Finally the communities give free a bucket of 3 liyres to facilitate the voluntary contribution; with its large opening, it is easy to empty the fryer. It is airtight so you won't spill oil in the trunk of your car. It is also communicative by reminding people why it is important to take your used oil to a recycling center.

On the thirty or so waste reception centers installed, we see that the collection rate is significantly higher. We collect 2 to 4 times more depending on the recycling centers!

How to better collect used oil in recycling centers?

The second aspect of our development has been to better collect the oil. It is important to know that cooking oil is not treated like motor oil. It is important to separate them and especially not to mix them. Calling them vegetable oil and mineral oil leads to confusion. Collection bins in waste reception centers are also often placed next to it!

If only a few percent of black oil, motor oil, is found in cooking oil, it can no longer be upgraded into bio-fuel. That is to say that if a container of 3 liters of motor oil is poured into a vat of 1 liters of cooking oil, it has been brought to a waste reception center by the users for nothing since it does not will not be transformed into bio fuel or bio fuel. It will then be insinuating.

This is also one reason why La Baraque à Huile® has implemented this bucket system. If a person puts in engine oil, it will be quickly seen by the agents who will remove it, so it will not pollute the used cooking oil.

Thanks to this system, almost 100% of the oil collected is recycled into bio-fuel!

Discover The Baraque at oil®, and collection points in Rhône-Alpes. We are looking for waste collectors to set up together the collection of used oils in other regions of France, contact us!

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