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A tour of the shelves of large and small distributions allows you to realize the quantity of packaging. Food is particularly concerned with the multiplication of packages, between different formats and variations for different targets. A solution within everyone's reach, but still little practiced, the deposit will drastically reduce the quantity of packaging produced. More than a line of thought, this article is a first step for the popularization of bulk and the deposit system.

Bulk and consignment: how does it work?

Buying products in bulk can be seen by many consumers as a step backwards. These are the buying habits of yesteryear indeed, when our grandparents did not yet depend on plastic products made from plastic. Today everything is packaged, from sachets of cookies to sodas to vegetables. Plastics, cardstock, aluminum ... the list of materials is long and grows with the creativity of marketing experts. In a single year, France produces more than five million tonnes of packaging waste. Although a large part is recycled, the treatment of waste is nevertheless polluting. You should know that this packaging constitutes 50% of our bins.

Bulk distribution automatically eliminates this part of the waste in your bins. Thus, it will take less energy expenditure to treat your garbage, a considerable gain for the planet. The consignment of multipurpose packaging for bulk purchase works in a simple way, as long as the distributors are committed. The first step is to buy a multipurpose container when you buy your products instead of the packaging to be removed. Depending on the product to be purchased, this container may be a bottle, a bin or a bowl with a lid. If one day you no longer plan to use it, all you have to do is return the container to a collection point to recover the cost of the deposit. Otherwise, for your next purchases, you will only have to exchange the empty container for one loaded with your food.

Bulk feed and deposit: a big step towards zero waste

Deposit your intended containers for bulk purchase

The returnable container will serve as a very practical storage in the kitchen.

Far from being a marginal practice, the purchase of food in bulk is practiced quite naturally in many places on the planet. Today, this method of distribution is starting to reach the towns and villages of France, primarily through ecological initiatives. Supermarkets are also starting to offer products in bulk, although the proportion is still negligible at present. Apart from fresh products, bulk thus constitutes less than 1% of sales, but it's already a start. More and more, there are signs that allow their customers to take their containers with them. Thus, we can buy meat, vegetables, pastries, fresh fruit juice without generating waste. In June 2019, Danone launched a bulk yogurt experiment. The deposit of a reusable container makes it possible to change it

On My Eco Design, we offer beverage dispensers which are suitable for offices as well as grocery stores and supermarkets for the sale of tea or juice. In addition to their isothermal wall, which guarantees a drink at the right temperature, these articles impress with their attractive design, which is a real plus for stores. We also offer reusable plastic bottles that you can offer on consignment and personalize your brand image.

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