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La fiber du sorting is an initiative whose objective is to facilitate the collection of textiles, linens, shoes, etc. For this, all collection points are referenced, so it will be very easy to find the closest textile collection point to you.

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An Internet site, http://www.lafibredutri.fr, and available app are available on the App Store and on Google play.

The whole of the communication is intended to be fun and didactic. To make us better aware of the issues, we are simply explained:


- what are TLC (Clothing Textiles, Linens and Footwear)

- where are the PAVs (Voluntary Contribution Points)

- what happens to them once they are dropped off at the collection points

- the rules to be observed (for example clothes must be clean and dry)

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FYI, all clothing, linens and shoes are accepted, whether in good condition or worn. They can either:


- supply the partner association with the collection

- be resold for the benefit of social action

- be exported for resale in thrift stores


You no longer have a reason to throw away your clothes at the end of their life, the sector is in place and waiting for you!




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