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Selective sorting is increasingly important to preserve our planet. It therefore becomes essential to understand the objectives of sorting, but also how sorting works in general. Obviously, children have more difficulty understanding the objectives and especially how to sort waste. Thus, the SELECTIBOX posters are available to facilitate the sorting of waste for children.

Selectibox baskets: initiate selective sorting in a simple and efficient way

The selective sorting bins Selectiboxes offered on My Eco Design are ideal for starting to sort. They are long so as not to take up space at the office or at school. In particular, SELECTIBOX sorting bins have pictograms to help with selective sorting. So each pictogram will represent what to throw away, in order to help users understand sorting.

design sorting bin with pictograms

There are therefore different pictograms whether for glass, paper, plastic or household waste. This helps to understand the sorting system a little better. Thanks to these bins, sorting is therefore faster and easier for users to understand.

Selectibox posters: a simpler system for teaching children about sorting

SELECTIBOX bins can be adapted to children to help them better understand how to sort their waste. Thus, the SELECTIBOXes can be accompanied by explanatory posters so that the sorting information is clearer to the pupils.

The goal is to have neutral and simple SELECTIBOX sorting bins, and posters next to them to indicate to children in which bin to throw their waste. This will allow the child to get used to sorting and to take the reflex to sort and understand the simple gesture to do.

The characteristics of the SELECTIBOX poster lot

To help children get used to selective sorting, the baskets come with a “Sort to recycle” poster with 3 SELECTIBOX baskets. The poster includes square areas for sticking stickers. Thanks to its posters, real educational work can be done to help students learn sorting. The posters are divided into 3 parts: household waste, paper and packaging.

Poster on selective sorting at school, to be placed above the Selectibox sorting bins

These posters therefore make it possible to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable gestures from an early age. This didactic and communicating system is therefore ideally integrated into schools and the school system in general.

Selective sorting: a step forward in action to preserve the environment

SELECTIBOX makes it possible to highlight one of the important aspects for the planet: selective sorting. However, it is not just this gesture that plays a role in preserving the environment. For example the production of plastic is becoming more and more important, it is therefore necessary to limit as much as possible single-use products such as bottles. So, it is a step forward to use a reusable bottle. 

SELECTIBOX sorting bins are therefore ideal for managing waste consumption, and in particular for introducing selective sorting in companies or in other public places.

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