Focus today on the Selectibox Office² (called Office Double), the designer sorting bin made in France.

The Selectibox Office² is a design 2-bin sorting bin, made up of 2 containers of 13 liters each. You can add 1 or more buckets to increase the number of containers.


Made in France, you choose the color and the marking of each container to compose the ideal bin according to the waste you want to collect:

- residual + paper / cardboard
- residual + recyclable
- recyclable + glass

The bottoms of the containers are radiated, that is to say that there are no sharp angles. This facilitates maintenance and prevents waste from stagnating.

The 2 containers are linked together by a steel wire, also made in France. This facilitates the handling of this trash, to empty it for example.


Sorting bins made in France:

The Selectibox design bins are eco-designed. They are made in France, to order. This allows a short distribution circuit, and therefore limits the release of greenhouse gases.
The material used is 100% recycled or 100% recyclable depending on the color. The black color is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable polyethylene. The 11 other colors available are 100% recyclable.

double-selectibox-design-trash can


Selectibox is a brand created by my company 1rdesign, in 2009.

To know more: Selectibox Office² design sorting bin




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