Bi-Plan is the name of this French innovation for the school market. A school table which quickly turns into a blackboard, to respond to new dynamic pedagogies. We tell you everything here, what these new pedagogies consist of and above all how the table bi-plan table is part of this approach.

New dynamic pedagogies: what are they?

New dynamic pedagogies are not so new anymore. Very widespread in the Nordic countries, but also in Germany, these new learning methods are spreading rapidly in our territory. Dynamic pedagogies are a modern alternative to old ways of teaching.

A traditional teaching consists of a teacher who gives his lesson, explains his exercises with little participation from his students. Students are passive, they listen and try to keep their attention.

Conversely, a dynamic or active pedagogy puts the student at the center of teaching. The student participates, gets moving, to be attentive longer and thus better absorb the lessons. Group work is favored, exchanges between students are numerous. The teacher or the professor become facilitators, it is said that the students learn from each other.

The layout of the class must therefore be adapted. The teacher must be able to move from one organization to another quickly. The workspace evolves according to teaching needs. It is in this spirit that the Program 3.4.5. was born, design, innovative and modular school furniture. It is also in this spirit that the Bi-plane table / table was born.

Bi-plan table / blackboard, dynamic 2-in-1 school furniture

Bi-plan blackboard table by IA France

Technical innovation at the service of education: this school furniture was created by the design agency C+B Lefebvre in collaboration with teachers.

This evolving school table offers two positions:

  • the top can be horizontal in desk mode: 2 students can study, the height is 90 cm
  • the tray can be vertical in chalkboard mode: the surface allows writing with felt-tip pens such as Weleda, Woody Uni Chalk, etc.

2 tables can face each other to create a group of 4 students.

The school table is on wheels to move it easily, quickly and quietly. It is therefore easy to change the layout of a classroom.

Bi-Plan, an innovation from IA France, leader in the flexible class

Bi-plane school table for flexible class

IA France is a Savoyard company that innovates in the school furniture market. After the modular table 3.4.5., which is protected by a European patent, it is around the Bi-plan multi-position table to be protected by this same patent. The designer Bruno Lefebvre imagined a simple, intuitive and modular system to meet the needs of teachers. IA France thus consolidates its status as a leader in flexible classroom layout. A great company to follow since other innovations for the school market are being considered and studied...

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