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You have made the decision to delete the individual water bottles in your meeting rooms? Are you looking for a practical solution as an alternative to the water bottles that you put on tables for participants? Discover our ecological and aesthetic solutions to equip your offices or meeting rooms.

The benefit of eliminating the use of individual water bottles

There is a double interest: ecological and financial. The environmental record of single-use bottles is heresy, whether glass or plastic. The preference is the glass bottle, which is more ecological. But in both cases, the bottles must be manufactured, stored, transported to your offices by trucks. These bottles must then be collected and then sent back to recycling sites. This recycling phase consumes energy.

The solution is to limit transport. It's not that complicated, the water comes out of your tap. Discover our solutions to offer a quality tap water to your employees, customers, suppliers, partners.

Our solutions to eliminate individual water bottles in the meeting room

The principle is simple. We offer 2 filtering water fountains, one in porcelain, the other in glass. Noble materials to limit the use of plastic as much as possible. The filtration of tap water is done using the Aquacristal filtration cartridge. You thus obtain quality water, pure and free from all the bad tastes that can be found in tap water.

All of this filter fountains are autonomous, no electrical connection, no connection to the water network. In a convention center, in a coworking space or in a seminar center, it may be practical to move the fountain depending on the layout, layout, number of participants, etc.

The design of these fountains is very important. We are talking about communicative design. You will highlight your desire to limit the production of waste, your commitment to sustainable development, your ecological awareness.

Then we offer several solutions in complements: carafes, bottles, glass ... Three solutions more exactly are available to you:

alternative individual bottles meeting room

  • you provide glasses, which can be personalized with your establishment's logo. Participants can help themselves before and after the meeting, during breaks. They can also get up during meetings, which is becoming more and more common. This practice is very common in North America. This allows more dynamism and therefore more attention ...
  • To prevent participants from standing up during business meetings, you provide glass decanters, which can also be personalized with your company name. These glass decanters will be filled beforehand and placed on tables.
  • an alternative to the glass and the carafe accompanied by glasses is the individual bottles. 30 or 50 cl, these bottles are filled beforehand and placed on tables. The bottle is individual, one per participant. They have enough water not to have to get up. They can fill their bottles during breaks directly at the fountain if they wish. They are also customizable with your logo.

The solution will depend on your habits, your needs, and the operating methods of your meeting rooms or seminar rooms.

alternative to individual water bottles in the meeting room

What budget should you plan for your meeting rooms?

There should be one fountain per meeting room if you have several rooms and they are occupied at the same time.
We offer a financing offer so you don't have to invest. The monthly charge for a water cooler is 29,90 € / HT per month for a commitment of 4 years of use. We are at your disposal to provide you with a quote based on the chosen solution.

This solution is generally cost effective compared to the cost of individual water bottles., to your calculators ...


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