We are already used to selective sorting of our waste on a daily basis in our respective homes. The amount of rubbish to be managed is quite manageable to do it in front of the street trash cans.

For commercial enterprises like hotels, offices, associations and state bodies, collection is more difficult. The quantity of garbage is indeed more consequent. When it is not carried out from the source, the distribution of the various wastes in their respective bins is therefore difficult, ultimately costing the organization a considerable sum. Selecting at the user level is therefore a great way to solve the problem. The solution is to put a sorting bin in every room or even under every desk.

What is the advantage of having a selective sorting bin?

Still far too many companies do not carry out selective sorting at the base. Clearly, they have bins and generic baskets in hotel rooms, offices or even reception areas. It is too often estimated that there will only be paper, and this is a mistake. There are all varieties of waste: glass, plastic, organic ... There are also spaces where waste is specific and can be collected for better recovery. We think of the corners of the coffee machine, the cups are very numerous.

Setting up selective sorting bins is above all an educational process. It is an encouragement in favor of ecology. It is also an affordable investment that will have its long-term economic impact. The time spent sorting all the waste will be considerably reduced. In the end, the working time spent by maintenance staff in treating waste before handing it over to the road network will decrease. He will therefore have time to devote himself to other services.

Selective sorting can be combined with design

Which bin for selective sorting to choose?

For each user to be seduced by the use of a selective sorting bin, its design is essential. On My Eco Design, we collaborated with the design agency C + B Lefebvre to design our products. At the end of a reflection-design process, we propose objects that are both aesthetic and functional.

We have a wide range of sorting bins, called Selectibox. First of all, there are the specialized bins which are dedicated to the reception of a single type of waste. This is the case with the cup basket. It is the ideal companion to place near the coffee machine or water cooler to collect used containers. For offices specifically, we have a basket intended to accommodate only paper. Depending on needs, we also have baskets for glass and for residual waste (those that remain after sorting). For hotel rooms, there is the Qube bin specifically designed for the bathroom. It is a perfect replacement for the pedal bins that suffer and break under the feet of customers.

There are then the sorting bins with two or hole bins. The two bin versions are chosen when it is determined that there are two types of waste emanating from the users. We thus have the paper (or cardboard) and residual combination. In the version with three bins, a glass collector is added.

Easily identifiable pictograms

My Eco Design has favored pictograms for its bins and selective sorting bins. Indeed, in professional and commercial environments, we do not necessarily speak the same language.

For your information, all My Eco Design baskets are 100% recycled and recyclable.

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