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The Maison et Objet fair in Villepinte has just opened its doors, and we are there with our water filter, from the Aquaovo brand.

Aquaovo villepinte 2013

I am linking today this video from France 2, which allows you to enter this show, which is prohibited to the public.

This report focuses on the kitchen utensils of tomorrow.

The pleasure of cooking is gaining more and more followers in France with television programs which have multiplied on several channels in recent years. The creators of utensils have understood this well with objects that are not only practical, but with the design that has been added to them.

A frying pan or coffee mug that changes color to indicate the temperature level of the utensil. The 220 exhibitors from all over the world, gathered over 11 square meters, compete in inventiveness. The French are not left with “clothes” for teapots; not to be missed especially the “Montebourg garment” launched by Guy Degrenne. Here is a sample chosen by our colleagues from France 000


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