Bulk is becoming a very promising way to buy. This market allows you to buy products without packaging, in the desired quantities. It therefore reduces waste and waste. However, many people have questions about how to store bulk at home.

Bulk essential to fight against waste

Bulk is becoming more and more famous, and is spreading in many stores today. By purchasing in bulk, consumers buy the quantities of food or products they want. Thus, they avoid wasting as much as possible when cooking dishes. It is with sustainable bulk purchasing that we realize the quantities needed for our home, and that we gradually get used to the way it works. Thus, we throw away less, and we definitely save money, since we buy less. In addition, bulk allows you to buy without packaging, so cardboard packaging is avoided, but especially plastic packaging. Bulk therefore creates an important gesture for the planet, and moreover, it is economical.

Bulk transport made easy thanks to theecobox

Many bulk users sometimes have the question of bulk transport. It can sometimes be complicated to transport food without packaging, so you have to find the ideal container for transport. Glass jars are already very difficult to transport. Glass being a noble material, it is very heavy and therefore not very practical to transport. Besides, it can break easily, so it is not at all convenient for bulk transport.

There are also cotton or kraft paper bags. Even though they are not expensive, they can tear, and are not resistant over time. Also, they cannot take all the products in bulk. For example, it is impossible to transport flour, sugar or rice in bags.

bulk jars with spices

Pexels / Dario Mendez

Plastic containers, on the other hand, try to overcome the drawbacks of other containers. The goal is to use recycled and recyclable plastic so that they last as long as a glass container. The advantage is that this container is not heavy, and it does not break. It can therefore be transported easily. Especially, theecobox is stackable, closes easily, it is therefore ideal for transporting products in bulk.

Store bulk at home thanks to theecobox

Bulk must also be stored correctly so that the products are stored over the long term. The container is also very important during this step. Thus, you need a container that closes properly in order to properly store fresh products such as meat or fish. In particular, theecobox is waterproof, can be stored in the refrigerator. In addition, they are square and juxtaposed, so they can be stored easily. Finally, it is possible to write on the ecoboxes VRABOX. We can therefore easily indicate what type of product is in the box in order to navigate easily. The ecoboxes can therefore be easily stored at home.

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