Seminars are meeting rooms where employees can sometimes stay for a long time. The distribution of water is necessary in these rooms in order to hydrate. However, single-use water bottles created excessive waste consumption. Here are some solutions to save money in the distribution of water in seminars. 

Set up reusable water bottles: the advertising bottle ACQUADRI 

To avoid using single-use water bottles and producing a lot of waste, it is possible to opt for reusable water bottles. Indeed, gourds like the bottle ACQUADRI allow them to be used several times in order to reduce waste. 

reusable water bottle in recycled RPET

reusable water bottle in recycled RPET for a seminar

The advertising bottle ACQUADRI is 100%  recycled and recyclable made in France. It's a gourd RPET which can be personalized with the image of the company. During seminar meetings, you can therefore bring your promotional bottle to drink water. 

The water fountain AQUAOVO: a stylish and effective solution for filtering water in seminars

The water fountain AQUAOVO is a solution that filters water and minimizes waste. Indeed, a water fountain makes it possible to distribute water without producing waste. All you need is a reusable glass or water bottle to be able to drink from it. 

design seminar filter fountain

filtering fountain design seminar to save money in water distribution

The filter fountain allows you to drink purified and fresh water. Thanks to the ceramic, the water is optimal. In addition, the fountain can contain 4L of water, enough to last throughout the seminar. Thus, there is no need to go back and forth outside the room to fill your fountain or your water bottle. 

Glass water carafes RETAP

There is also a very effective and popular solution for bathrooms. seminars: water jugs. Indeed, you can have several carafes of water in order to be able to use water during the meeting. In particular, glass water carafes RETAP are design and solid. Thus, you can save money in the distribution of water in the seminar. 

designer glass carafe

designer glass carafe for seminars

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