Food waste is increasingly present in homes. Many consumers do not pay attention to the amount of food eaten during their runs which results in a lot of food waste. So new questions arise around the theme of waste in order to alleviate the problems. 

Take the necessary quantities in store so as not to waste

The main reason for the waste is the purchase of groceries. Many consumers buy astronomical amounts to avoid having to shop regularly and for fear of forgetting essential things. Unfortunately, this results in the wasteful because food expires, or we cook too much. So the best way to avoid waste is to take the necessary quantities in store. 

Many consumers will find this complicated because they do not know how to measure the necessary quantities, so you have to take the time to understand the needs of the household, and little by little the quantities will be assimilated in order to avoid waste as much as possible.  

Le bulk: help to fight food waste

Bulk is an essential method to fight against waste. Indeed, the principle of bulk purchase is to buy the necessary quantities in store in order to fight against waste. Bulk is therefore purchased without a container in order to avoid the production of packaging. It is therefore a very good idea to take the quantities you want. You just need to bring your own containers so that it is easy to transport. 

bulk jars with spices

Pexels / Dario Mendez

The most suitable containers for bulk are reusable plastic boxes. In fact, glass boxes can break and the bags do not allow the products to be stored for a long time. While the plastic boxes are light and allow the products to be easily transported from the store à at home. 

Do your shopping regularly 

Shopping regularly can significantly reduce waste in the home. Indeed, if we do our shopping regularly, it allows us to buy small quantities over a few days in order to plan meals. Thus, we take much less quantities, and we avoid making reserves. Shopping regularly and in small quantities is therefore a very good initiative in order to avoid food waste as much as possible. 

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