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20130902_101018_chair-na14-thonet-aSince July 11, 2013, the modern art museum of Saint-Étienne has been exhibiting the chronology of industrial design.

For us, it is the opportunity to discover the most beautiful pieces in the industry, and we can see the evolution of design, depending on the history it is going through.

It also makes it possible to reflect or glimpse the pieces of tomorrow.

During this visit, I admit I was surprised by this intimate relationship between industry and designers.

This retrospective has the merit of going back very far, to the beginnings of industrial design. Rich in historical explanations, the exhibition dates back to the dawn of the second industrial revolution, where it all began.

Whether you are an “aficionado” of industrial design or simply curious, this exhibition will not leave you indifferent as it is full of quirky and daring pieces. It is also interesting to see and understand in what political and cultural context certain works were born.

20130902_101018_ table-and-chair-set

From the “helical staircase” which saw the light of day two years before May 68, to the “chameleon armchair” released in 1981, each work is marked by its time and can be seen as a testimony. The scenography imagined by Noémie Bonnet-Saint-Georges and Eric Bourbon allows, moreover, to scrutinize the objects from all angles.

To remember the sentence of Jeanne Brun, curator of this exhibition

“Design, by its very nature […] has the task (and heavy responsibility) of giving shape to what comes.” This meeting at the Museum of Modern Art would therefore also be a means of taking a fresh look at the creations of past decades, taking into account their capacity for anticipation. 

You can take all the information about this exhibition on the museum website.

Link to the site: Modern art museum of Saint-Etienne 

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