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The manufacture of reusable bottles in a globalized context generally involves transport between several countries. This procedure, certainly usual, but very polluting, is above all the consequence of a cost reduction. The consequences are however considerable with an increasing carbon footprint. By focusing on the Gobi Indoor model, we will share with you the virtuous approach of the French brand, from creation to production and beyond.

Gobi Indoor reusable bottle

Gobi Indoor: a 100% French reusable bottle.

Gobi Indoor: a reusable bottle optimized for everyday use

Among the references offered by Gobilab to the general public and companies, Gobi Indoor has been optimized for indoor use. Its 50 cl capacity is both easy to transport from one room to another and sufficient to cover the needs of a few hours. We need to drink 1,5 liters to 2 liters of water per day. We will therefore fill the bottle three to four times. In an office, these moments will allow the user to stretch their legs. If you're on the go, Gobi has put together an app called Freetaps which allows you to refill your reusable bottle at drinking water points.

The design of the Gobi Indoor water bottle is a perfect balance between sobriety and exuberance. Sobriety is provided by transparent glass, a timeless material par excellence, but also by its unadorned shape. It is the touch of color of the cover which covers half the bottle and of the stopper which expresses the exuberant and contemporary side. This cover, which makes it easier to grip, is made from materials of biological origin (bio-based).

The particularity of the Gobi Indoor is to offer a cap equipped with a transparent cover on the top. You can slip in your first name, a small image or any other personalization. So, at the office or in a yoga room, you will easily find your reusable bottle. The Gobi Indoor is also customizable for companies at Pimp my Bottle, online store specializing in the sale of reusable bottles.

Customizable water bottles Gobi Indoor, made in France

Gobi Indoor: an ecological and socially responsible design

By drinking from a Gobi Indoor bottle, you will be able to concretely measure your impact on the environment. Thus, by using it all the time, you will be able to avoid throwing 5 kg of waste. You also reduce your CO2 emissions by 15 kg. The choice to manufacture the bottles entirely in France largely contributes to these reductions. Indeed, by avoiding long trips by boat or plane, the inputs for the manufacture of a reusable bottle are reduced to the kilometers traveled in France.

The glass used is of the soda-lime type and is 100% recyclable at the end of the product's life. It will withstand a temperature up to 65 ° C and will preserve the flavor of your drinks thanks to the inertia of the material.

Every purchase also has a positive social impact. It should be known that the assembly of the various elements is carried out in ESAT (establishment and service of assistance by the work) where vulnerable people work for a better integration. These people may be individuals with disabilities who have difficulty finding work elsewhere.

The Gobi brand is a perfect example of sustainable investment.

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