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My Eco Design presents its new creation, the ecoboite! Our business is the creation, edition and distribution of eco design solutions, for professionals and individuals. We looked at the bulk market and observed a lacking, unbreakable, stackable, lightweight and durable box to facilitate bulk shopping. TheEcobox of VRABOX is coming soon!

Why create a new reusable container for bulk purchases?

The remark that we are being made, which is legitimate, is to know why we created a new container knowing that there are a multitude of boxes of all kinds. Thebulk food purchase is linked to the Zero Waste approach. So why not reuse the existing boxes?

The answer is simple. It is clear that the most ecological is to reuse old pots of the type Le Parfait that we all have at home. But the logistics are getting complex. You have to take your different pots, heavy and breakable, take them unstacked, by car, bike or on foot. And bring it all loaded! There are also many plastic boxes but these were not designed for this market. Very light boxes are often not airtight, more qualitative boxes typically Tupperware are not stackable. These are more storage boxes rather than boxes used to transport bulk food.

What we wanted was to design the bulk tool, a container that meets the constraints of bulk purchases. Each market has its specificities. The bulk market is no exception. This container will be used to facilitate bulk purchases, from home to store, and from store to home.

The objective is to convince as many people as possible to do their shopping in bulk, to make the bulk accessible to as many people as possible!

Make bulk accessible to as many people as possible

This is the raison d'être of the ecoboite, this new brand that offers tools to facilitate bulk purchases and thus promote the Zero Waste !
The eco-box is the first tool, other solutions are already in preparation!

We spent many hours during the two confinements to exchange with the bulk players, specialized stores, chains of stores dedicated to bulk, etc. These exchanges were extremely rich. They allowed us to establish the specifications of the reusable container ideal for bulk purchases.

The VRABOX ecobox: for whom?

Our ecobox was designed for users. Those who already do their shopping in bulk, but also those who wish to get started, not always knowing how to do it. It is a really in our consumption habits that we must support.

Our ecobox has also been developed in collaboration with bulk stores. We responded to their request to facilitate handling, taking care of hygiene, weighing food at the end of the race, etc.
We are convinced that our thcoboîte will be a real tool to help the sale of bulk food for traders.

Visit the VRABOX website to discover our ecobox !

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