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It wasn't that long ago that we used to see everyone come to work with their little plastic bottle. We simply threw away its container when the drink was finished. Likewise, it is still common to see workers with their disposable coffee or tea cups. These habits, however, generate a large amount of plastic waste. The installation of a beverage dispenser minimizes the amount of waste, as long as we opt for reusable bottles and cups within the company.

Beverage dispenser: a solution to replace single-use bottles

Cold or hot, drinks are essential for workers. When there is no beverage distributor in a company, everyone tends to take their own. This usually results in the purchase of ready-to-eat products that are often packaged in single-use plastic packaging.

The installation of a dispenser, coffee, tea or water, largely solves the use of single-use bottles. For the ecological approach to be complete, it is necessary to provide users with reusable cups or mugs. Today, the French buy an average of 96 single-use plastic bottles per year, a staggering figure given the environmental issues.

A drink dispenser to create a meeting point

The comedy series “Camera Café” parodied the encounters around the drinks machine, coffee in this case in this work. Beyond the funny and unlikely situations displayed in this broadcast, the distributor's indirect role is to create an informal meeting point. Different departments of the same company can thus communicate there in a more user-friendly way.

Multi tasting in tea shop

A tea fountain

It is necessary to optimize the layout of the area reserved for the beverage dispenser so that it fulfills its social role. Install it in a ventilated and easily accessible area. Optimize lighting. Also have a decor inspired by nature to recall the ecological vocation of the installation. Finally, display didactic information that encourages the use of reusable bottles and mugs.

Install a filter fountain to encourage water consumption

Water is the best drink to quench your thirst. Without sugar or other product, it allows the body to rehydrate. In business, encouraging water consumption means taking care of the health of employees. By minimizing the amount of sweet or exciting drinks (coffee, tea, etc.), in fact, the health risk associated with excessive carbohydrate consumption is reduced.

Install a filtering water fountain to offer your employees a high-quality and accessible drink. Tap water is indeed free of traces of chlorine and other products that can degrade its taste. On My Eco Design, filter fountains are not only practical to use, but also very design. Ceramic or cylindrical ovoid in glass, each model will give a particular cachet to the corner reserved for your drink dispenser. Requiring neither electricity nor specific source of supply, the filter fountain offers a completely affordable operating cost.

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