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The candle wholesaler Nahan innovates by offering a new range of ecological decorative candles, designed from recycled cooking oil.


The Greatest Candle in the World, is created with recycled vegetable cooking oil, vegetable ingredients and wonderful fragrances.


You will only need 2 minutes and a microwave to create your own decorative candle. These products are intended for everyone, including restaurants that consume a lot of oils.


When not treated properly, used cooking oil is a leading cause of water pollution. It's simple to understand, the oil creates a thin layer on the surface of the water which prevents oxygenation and causes the destruction of flora and fauna. 1 liter of oil contaminates up to a million liters of water.


Nahan therefore proposes to transform your used cooking oil into a clean, design product that is 100% respectful of the environment. With the added fun of creating your own candles.

fryer oil candle

Little more: Nahan offers professionals to set up their own ranges of candles, a turnkey solution that will help you communicate about your eco-responsible action.


To find out more, visit the website of The Best Candle in the World:



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