Dida is the new design bin from Selectibox: a didactic sorting bin thanks to its communicating cover, to promote waste collection in a company office, community office or at home.



Waste collection is made easier thanks to this design and didactic basket


With this Selectibox brand, we want to facilitate waste collection. For this, we imagine, design and manufacture (in France), design sorting bins. Because, in our opinion, design is a vehicle for raising awareness of environmental issues. Because in our opinion, design helps to change mentalities. Quite simply, an aesthetic basket is functional will be more appreciated, accepted therefore used by the employees of a company or a community.

This Dida design basket is educational thanks to its communicating cap. Glass collection is intuitive thanks to the die-cut bottle shape. Paper collection is intuitive thanks to the die-cut letterbox shape, etc.

The range is completed by a basket for the collection of cups, residual waste and recyclable waste.


A sorting basket made in France, available to measure


We opted for French manufacture. Because it makes sense for us and because this French manufacture complements our eco-design approach, but also because it allows us great flexibility. We thus offer our customers to compose their office baskets according to the waste to be collected but also according to the interior decoration, the desires of each one, etc.

Everyone can compose their own sorting basket, manufacturing is made to order with a very reasonable delivery time of 3 weeks.


An office bin that becomes a communication tool


The unique design and colors will help to set up the collection action within a company. Employees adhere more easily to an attractive product.

And this basket becomes a real communication tool. Visitors to the company, customers, suppliers, etc., will now know that the waste collection is done!

To know more: Selectibox Dida design and communicating basket


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