Here is Tertio, the 3-bin sorting bin from Selectibox, design, customizable and made in France. This office basket is the result of an eco-design approach.

Bring some color to the office and highlight the waste collection. This eco design basket is made up of 3 containers of 13 liters each, 3 communicating caps and a steel wire structure including 2 handles to facilitate handling.

An eco-designed sorting basket:

From a eco-design approach to discover in this article, the design is signed C + B Lefebvre. All Selectibox baskets have been designed in collaboration with users and maintenance staff. Each container is light and includes radiated bottoms to prevent stagnation of waste and facilitate maintenance. Unalterable, it is resistant to cleaning products. The HD polyethylene material is 100% recyclable, all black colored baskets are made from 100% recycled HD PE.



The choice of French made was a matter of course for Selectibox. A short distribution circuit is thus in place to limit the disadvantages of storage. This allows Selectibox to respond to 100% of requests thanks to the ultra-personalization of the bins.


An ultra-customizable sorting bin:

You choose the type of waste you want to collect: cups, glass, residual or recyclable waste, etc., and the color of each of these caps.
You choose the color of each container to best suit the colors of your company or to be even more educational ...
Finally, you can register your company logo or the visual of your choice!


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Third, Selectibox 3-bin sorting basket

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