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The ecological movement has long been associated with the boho chic philosophy which displays its break with consumer society in an exotic way, influenced by cultures from elsewhere. The legacies of hippie culture are also very present when talking about sustainable development. Ecodesign seeks to break with this reductive image by offering everyday items at the forefront of the trend, innovative and very contemporary. My Eco Design is one of these new players who are banking on stylistic daring to convert more people to eco-design products.

My Eco Design: elegance at the service of sustainable development

Who said that a trash can for sorting household garbage has to be ugly? Who said an eco-friendly water fountain should be rustic? On My Eco Design, each item offered is the result of a double reflection. Reusable bottles, water fountains and even kitchen utensils are designed taking into account consumers' expectations in terms of sustainable development. The creation process also mobilizes aesthetic research to offer a product that is pleasant to look at while being easy to use.

A nice selection of design items for individuals and professionals

For the kitchen, the dining room, but also for the restaurants, the choice is yours. Buy a filter fountain that guarantees you pure water without having to buy the plastic packs. All in white, the porcelain filter fountain is very contemporary with its rounded curves. The transparent glass one is more traditional and just as refined.

For restaurants, cafes and businesses, beverage dispensers are alternatives to the usual shelves of soda and juice in plastic bottles. Everyone can take their cup or reusable bottle to use at the tea or juice fountain. These insulated containers will keep your drinks at the right temperature, hot or cold. In addition, they will be a visual attraction of the room where it is located.

Aquaovo juice fountain, made in France

On its wooden or glass base, the juice fountain testifies to the creativity promoted by My Eco Design

The sorting bins offered by My Eco Design are also distinguished by their finesse. We have several types of bins. Some models are suitable for offices, others for the kitchen with three individually removable sorting compartments. There are also bins for the bathroom.

If you want to make corporate gifts, consider our customizable bottles. You will thus strengthen your image as an actor committed to the well-being of the planet.

All our products are made in France to minimize the carbon footprint associated with production and transport. We also favor recycled or sustainably managed materials.

Direct commitments in the field of recycling

My Eco Design is directly involved in the field through a few resource development projects. This is how he actively participates in the Oil Baraque. These yellow and green kiosks, which appeared at waste collection centers in the Alpine region, were set up to facilitate the collection of used oil. It is indeed usual to throw the cooking oil in the sink, but this waste can be transformed into biofuel or soap. To facilitate this collection, My Eco Design with its partners has designed a practical box to be used to collect the oil.

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