La flexible class is no longer a trend. The benefits of new learning pedagogies are well established. Dynamic teaching, group work, mutual aid between students, all these new methods are gradually being implemented in our classrooms. But how set up a flexible classroom? Design plays an important role. We will give you a concrete example by showing you the Programme., a design and innovative school furniture.

What are the advantages of a flexible class?

Design a flexible classroom

La flexible class is a generic name which groups together many practices. It is in fact the alternative to the traditional class in which the lectures are given. A teacher who tries somehow to interest the students, to capture and especially keep their attention, to involve them, etc. But this is often doomed to failure… It is a bit blackening the picture and emitting an easy criticism of traditional teaching. But it is so true! We all have boring class experiences that we had to absorb and digest without saying anything. It was sorely lacking in dynamism.

La flexible class is an answer to that. Group work is encouraged, exchanges and collaborations between students are created for a more dynamic teaching. Lectures are still given, but alternating with work in small groups, this is also called the active pedagogy.

Without going into detail, the principle is that the students work in groups. The teacher poses a problem, the students think together to find the answers. The refractories will tell you that a gifted student is going to waste his time. The followers of flexible classes will say on the contrary that this student will explain his point of view in his words to his comrades. These will progress faster but it is the whole group that will advance faster and therefore move to more difficult exercise levels.

This is the main advantage of participatory or mutual education. If you want more information, many articles have been published on the blog of IA France, the referent in modular school furniture and flexible class.

How to set up a flexible classroom?

It is quite simple to set up a flexible classroom. School furniture has been developed specifically to meet these new needs. The important thing is to get the students moving. Organizing group work often leads to difficulties which may repel some teachers. How to organize the class? Do we take the time to move tables and chairs or do we adapt to the current layout?

School furniture is indeed the key, mainly school tables and chairs. They must be designed to be easy to handle, to move quickly. Other accessories are very interesting such as modular poufs, folding tables, mobile shelving, tables on wheels, etc.

The goal is to easily change the layout of the classroom, from traditional teaching to grouping tables to form small groups, all without noise!

Program 3.4.5., When design comes to the rescue of classrooms

School design tables for active pedagogy

It is in this spirit that the Program 3.4.5., modular, design and innovative school furniture was imagined. The French company IA France, specializing in the design and distribution of school furniture, wanted to meet growing demand. The design of a modular school table, suitable for the flexible classroom, has become obvious. The design Bruno Lefebvre, fromdesign agency C + B Lefebvre, was entrusted with the mission of designing this dynamic furniture.

The Program 3.4.5. was born, including table 3.4.5. and the school chair 3.4.5.

La school table 3.4.5., protected by a European patent, allows the creation of a multitude of classroom configurations. It allows you to quickly create groups of 3, 4 or 5 students, but also to switch to individual tables, to form a large circle for more sharing, etc.


La school chair 3.4.5. is also innovative. It is the first school chair to offer a triple function. It sits on a table to facilitate cleaning the floors, it allows you to sit in both directions (practical when you have to work with the student from behind, without having to turn the chair), it is finally stackable for a space saving.

A fine example of eco-design and design products that respond to new learning methods.

Discover all the school furniture dedicated to flexible class offered by IA France.

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