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The end of year celebrations: an ideal time to thank or retain customers, motivate or reward employees. Reusable bottles are one of those corporate and / or business gifts that will make an impression. Both useful, original and trendy, they will also underline your commitment to preserving the environment.

Reusable bottles: an eco-friendly gift to please employees

The New Year, like Christmas, is the best time to pay special attention to all employees. A present will testify to your recognition for the work they have provided, their importance within the company, but will also be a source of motivation so that they give the best of themselves to achieve their objectives.

The reusable bottles are one of those gifts that are sure to please employees. Useful on a daily basis, and above all eco-responsible, they will accompany them throughout the day, on all their trips. Being able to be personalized with the image of the company, the reusable bottles and / or gourds will also reinforce the feeling of belonging of your employees.

A present to reward loyal customers

As with the employees of a company, it is customary to offer company gifts to customers, and even to prospects. If notepads, pens and other goodies remain essential, offering reusable and personalized bottles to your most loyal customers will mark their minds.

Giving corporate gifts is above all a gesture that will show your gratitude to your customers, while strengthening commercial ties, while highlighting the values ​​of your company. By opting for reusable bottles, you will also highlight your desire to protect the environment.

Choose models with a neat design

No more single-use plastic bottles with impersonal shapes, and above all, which pollute the planet. Sure Pimp my Bottle, you will discover a selection of brands offering reusable bottles, each as original as the next. For your corporate gifts, you can bet, among other things, for the urban design of the Squireme bottles. The graphic lines of the Equa brand, as well as the resolutely contemporary look of the URBAN BOTTLE Classic model by 24 Bottles will also make people happy.

It is also possible to choose your model according to the material in which it was made. In glass, BPA-free plastic, stainless steel or bamboo, the choice is yours. A wide range of colors and sizes are also available.

Daily reusable bottle.

Reusable bottle: a very practical ecological gift.

Personalize your corporate gifts in your image

Reusable bottles are also effective communication media. There is nothing like personalizing it to your image (logo, colors, etc.). Easily transportable, these bottles can accompany their owners on different occasions (work, meeting, sports session, stroll, shopping, etc.). gain visibility.

Like the many models offered by Pimp my Bottle, reusable bottles offer a wide choice of customization. Your logo, the name of an employee, a message of thanks for your most loyal customers… everything can be affixed to the bottle.

customizable design bottle

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