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We spend several hours at the office. The performance of each employee depends on the evolution of the company. And this productivity depends in part on the ergonomics of the furniture chosen. Without an appropriate investment in company furniture, the quality of life at work can quickly deteriorate. Through this article, we will tell you why it is essential to choose the right chair offered to your employees.

A suitable chair: a question of occupational health and brand image

Whether you are behind a desk or behind a counter, it is essential to be well seated. Otherwise, the bad posture inherent in the inappropriate choice of furniture sooner or later has repercussions on the body. Back pain is the quickest onset, but damage to any joint can occur.

For the customer visiting or in the queue, the quality of the seat is just as important as for the employee. Indeed, if he feels badly installed, he will have a bad image of your company. This will then have repercussions on your brand image. Much more than a piece of furniture, your chair is a real vector of communication. Moreover, you can take the opportunity to personalize it with quality stickers or typography.

The choice of the chair, like all the other pieces of furniture in the company, must be the subject of a specific process. The communications department and human resources must in particular work together to reconcile the quality of life of employees and visual integration of the models chosen. Then opt for quality chairs, preferably made in France to meet the standards in force and minimize the frequency of purchases. In just one step, you reduce your carbon footprint and save money in the long term.

Innovative corporate chair offers at IA France

Specialized in the design and manufacture of designer and functional furniture, AI France offers chairs that help you change the organization within your company. The solutions offered by the workshop based in Voglans (Savoie) go beyond classic office chairs, although the brand offers them under the name BLACK. As with its school models, the design and ergonomics have been studied for optimal daily use.

For group work, you will appreciate the LEVITATE high chair. Associated with a high table, it allows you to work in a semi-standing position. It is then easier to exchange thanks to the greater freedom of movement. Some stools with armrests, such as the Fila model, are stackable to optimize the modularity of the space.

It is important to create spaces for relaxation within a company. IA France offers fancy seats that please for their curvy and light design. Delimited by acoustic totems, your relaxation area will give employees time to recharge their batteries. There are also fireside chairs that will offer a more modern style to your business thanks to its angular rendering. To welcome your customers in the waiting room or in your office, opt for a Fondo designer chair or a HIP HOP community chair. These two models have in common curves that offer good support.

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