Supermarkets are now moving towards the bulk market in order to reduce plastic waste and meet consumer expectations. We are waiting for all supermarkets to take the step to change consumption habits and provide a service to a planet ravaged by this type of waste. It is quite possible that, in supermarkets, consumers fill their custom-designed reusable bottles with the drinks of their choice which are sold in bulk.

Reusable bottles with large marking areas

Bulk sales are now popular in supermarkets which encourage the use of multiple-use containers, such as the reusable bottle. With a customizable PET bottle, plastic, 100% recyclable, you can stock up on drinks or liquids offered in bulk (water, oil, wine, vinegar, fruit juice, washing powder, beer, etc.). Among these containers, advertising bottles have large marking areas and are popular with consumers, unlike other reusable Tritan bottles. Indeed, if the latter are recyclable, no recycling channel is currently organized.

So whatever you buy, you choose your reusable bottle and then fill it with your drink or bulk liquid. Once empty of its contents, the bottle can be washed and reused. Several large brands, just like those operating in the organic trade, already offer this service in their points of sale. The objective of My eco design is to offer a bottle with a personalized design to the brand, to the drink, to the customers.

Reusable plastic bottles for less waste

Bulk sales and so-called “zero waste” products serve consumers as well as the planet. The use of reusable containers simplifies life for consumers and reduces costs for producers in the process. This is how supermarkets are gradually turning to this process, until then reserved for organic or activist brands. However, there are limits to the sale in bulk to preserve the quality of the products, in particular that of the grands crus.

Consumers are now allowed to bring their own reusable bottles to shop and stock up on their drinks. However, only one condition is required: that the reusable plastic bottle has its lid. You should know that other types of reusable containers already have their place, such as those in the butcher's shop, pastry shop, fishmonger or cheese shop.

It should also be noted that most country governments are gradually banning the use of single-use plastic containers. Solutions must therefore emerge to meet new needs.

An approach hailed by environmental protection associations

Even organizations that have long been critical of mass distribution, such as the movement zero waste, welcomed this device aimed at reducing plastic waste through the use of reusable containers. Now is the time to invite all major retailers to initiate this process for the benefit of reducing waste at source. The objective of these initiatives is to popularize and optimize the use of containers on several occasions in order to limit single-use plastic waste.

Reusable PET designer advertising bottleadvertising bottle with large branding area

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