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As the holiday season approaches, the search for a gift is a real headache. For Christmas, therefore, opt for a gift that is both original and eco-responsible. My Eco Design offers different types of cutting boards and cocktail plates. Their neat design and improved ergonomics make them very valuable gifts. It's a great way to share the conviviality.

Cutting and sharing boards: available in several versions

The cutting boards and to be featured on My Eco Design are available in many sizes and shapes. Some models are thus individual, while others are intended for two, four and up to ten people. Each plank has a classic design, the elegance of which is emphasized by the finesse of the wood. The boards are available with or without a handle, but they have in common a cord that allows it to be easily hung in the kitchen.

Customizable wooden design cutting board

Cocktail plates: a stylish place to welcome guests

The cocktail plate offered by My Eco Design combines the natural warmth of wood and the refinement of a sleek design. It will go well with all styles of tables and buffets. The advantage of this gift is that it allows the user to keep snacks and the stemmed glass with one hand. It is therefore more pleasant to move around and discuss while keeping the other hand free.

Customizable cutting boards and cocktail plates

If you are a professional and you opt for these gifts for your employees, know that you can replace the Le Régal logo usually inscribed on the utensil with your own logo. The pyrography technique used preserves the visual until the end of the product's life, i.e. for long and beautiful years of sharing. The presence of this logo will strengthen your brand image with those close to their owner. In addition to making a nice Christmas present, you will thus achieve a great communication campaign.

Ecological and vintage wood for each board and plate

The cutting boards and cocktail plates offered by My Eco Design are environmentally friendly. Indeed, they are made from 100% French wood and managed sustainably. The vintage of the wood is written on the back of each item. You will thus have in which year and where the wood was collected. During manufacturing, each product is treated with grapeseed oil to improve its resistance.

Design and customizable cutting board

Cutting boards and wooden plates: the partners of our Instagram photos

You want to showcase your recipes and culinary compositions on social networks. The timeless style of the models available on My Eco Design will make a perfect partner for tasty food. The natural grain of the wood will thus be able to highlight a healthy cuisine that gives pride of place to vegetables and fresh fruits. Cheeses and cold meats will also be highlighted. For your loved ones who like to entertain and for those who like to showcase their gastronomic talent, Le Régal products are the perfect gifts for Christmas.

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