Being respectful of the environment has become an important theme within companies. At My Eco Design, we defend the implementation of eco-citizen approaches that are beneficial for sustainable development. Many people will therefore try to take current environmental issues into consideration when creating their products. This is precisely the case by Auum, a machine for drying and disinfecting glasses, which is a great ecological alternative for responsible cleaning. 

Responsible cleaning by Auum

The principle of this innovation is to clean glasses quickly, efficiently, and with little water. Thus, the machine uses much less water than a dishwasher or ordinary hand cleaning. In addition, this makes it possible to use glasses, and reduces the production of cups, and therefore of plastic. The goal is to have a real ecological approach in order to reduce the environmental impact. This solution is cost effective by allowing the use of glasses, and not single-use items, while consuming little water during cleaning.


A responsible and ecological product 

The disinfection of the product is very effective, as it allows quickly clean many glasses. Indeed, a cleaning lasts on average 10 seconds, for a tank of 2 liters which is equivalent to 100 cleanings. It is therefore a very practical innovation for companies to clean their glasses quickly. This solution therefore makes it possible to use reusable and non-disposable products on a long-term basis, in order to reduce waste and consumption of cups or even single-use bottles. Auum is therefore a good ecological alternative for responsible cleaning. 


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