Magnificent in many ways, the Ovopur filtering water fountain designed by the Quebec brand Aquaovo is a pure aesthetic marvel. Its originality and finesse have earned it a privileged place among the emblematic design objects of the last decade. Rightly, the fountain is now part of the permanent collection of Decorative Arts & Design at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. In this article, we explain the choice of porcelain for the making of this filtering water fountain.

Porcelain water fountain: advantageous thermal properties

Drinking clear, cool water is essential to quench your thirst and hydrate yourself. Porcelain keeps water at a pleasant drinking temperature, even in high heat. Its low thermal inertia combined with its natural mineral quality allows this temperature to be preserved.

It should be noted that the quality of manufacture contributes considerably to the insulating properties of the filter fountain. For this, the Quebec brand Aquaovo has opted for earthenware from Desvres. Like Limoges, this city in France has inherited a centuries-old know-how. We started to make it in the XNUMXth century. A museum also attests to this story.

Aquaovo ovopur water filter

Porcelain to enhance the particular shape of the filtering water fountain

Consisting of two parts, the filtering water fountain is distinguished primarily by its ovoid shape. It could have been made of tinted or transparent glass, but would not have achieved the same level of elegance as with porcelain. Perfectly smooth and of an unalterable whiteness, this material also resists years. It will not lose its thermal and aesthetic qualities.

The combination of the rounded shape and porcelain minimizes the risk of contamination of the filtered water by algae, bacteria or moss. Indeed, thanks to the natural convection inherent in the form, the water does not stagnate and remains in motion. At the same time, this movement revitalizes the filtered water, in particular by oxygenating it.

THEAquaovo is an art object in its own right which will bring a special character to your interior decoration. Make it an aesthetic asset by placing the filter fountain in a clearly visible place.

Porcelain: a low environmental footprint

Porcelain gives the filtering water fountain an exceptional lifespan, up to 20 years if routine maintenance is applied. To do this, the two compartments of the water cooler must be cleaned regularly. It is also important to replace the filter cartridge every four months in order to preserve the quality of the filtered water in the 11-liter tank.

The long lifespan of the Aquaovo Ovopur considerably reduces its environmental footprint. In addition, its moving parts are reinforced to offer great resistance. Less replacement of these elements further improves the eco-friendliness of the fountain.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account the quantity of single-use bottles saved by the use of the filtering water fountain. Scope for families or employees who will use the ecological water dispenser on a daily basis, it is several hundred kilos of plastic waste that we avoid using.


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