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Single-use packaging is still an unresolved scourge in the take-out delivery industry. Having experienced a real boom following the weeks of confinement linked to Covid-19 in 2020, this method of purchase causes a phenomenal amount of waste. In 2018 alone, more than 200 million meals were delivered in France. To deal with this problem, reusable packaging remains the most feasible and inexpensive alternative.

Reusable packaging: the urgency of change

With the phenomenal amount of single-use packaging produced, mostly plastic, it is essential to change shopping habits. To face the urgency of the situation, the French state invited the delivery giants to decide on viable solutions July 1, 2020. These companies have until October to propose solutions on the replacement of utensils currently in use. The deposit, which involves the use of reusable packaging, is one of the advanced options.

Reusable packaging: the pioneers already in working order

It is easy to demonstrate that the use of reusable packaging is a practical solution to implement. It suffices to observe the brands already engaged in this path. We can cite FoodCheri, specializing in dishes prepared by craftsmen. The company has decided to consign its packaging. Thus, customers buy it for the first time and exchange the containers during future deliveries. They recover the amount of the deposit if they no longer wish to use it. At En Boîte le Plat, we went further with returnable glass packaging. In Switzerland, it is the company Recircle which brings the solution to restaurants.

Reusable packaging: the majority of consumers are ready

Many catering and delivery companies cite the additional cost of change to justify their inaction. However, it has been shown that the majority of buyers are willing to pay a little more for more environmentally friendly products. 66% of them want to put their hands in their pockets for more ecological packaging (figures As with the end of single-use straws and stirrers, the role of legislation is needed. It helps steer companies towards common sense.

80 cl retap glass bottle

This reusable bottle can be returned hundreds of times.

Reusable: a more economical route than single-use biodegradable packaging

Spread over the life of the reusable product, its operating cost is profitable. Compared to single-use biodegradable packaging, the investment is lower, because the packaging is reusable. On My Eco Design, we offer different ranges of reusable bottles that can be personalized in the image of a sign. They can be integrated into the delivery circuit. Made of glass, BPA-free plastic or metal, they are an effective replacement for plastic bottles that hold juices, smoothies and herbal teas.
In the very long term, if we generate less waste, it is quite possible that local taxes could fall, because the volume to be treated is decreasing. In the short term, less plastic in our garbage cans means less energy spent transporting and treating our waste.

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