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After my cat it is my children that I put inecodesign.

My two children decided that they would sleep together in the same room. Oops here we are. 🙁

The objectives of our new purchase:

  • Ecological
  • Design
  • Preferably flexible, because in less than 5 years the eldest will want his independence.
  • Affordable price

After several days of research on the net (so as not to consume energy for nothing), I finally found the product that seems ideal to me, in New York (luckily I had not taken the car :) ).

I found a perfect set for dads like me on the Website of the brand ŒUF in NYK.


It's a loft bed, bunk beds, separate single beds and I'm not sure it doesn't make a Swiss Army knife, its name PERCH.


This very beautiful bunk bed separates to turn into a mezzanine bed and single bed. It thus adapts to the configuration of my children's room, to changing rooms when my eldest is thirsty for independence… and to a move. There is a guardrail for the upper bed and a safety barrier for the lower bed is available as an option. No really, nothing is missing ...


On the site we are told:

The Perch mezzanine bed will revolutionize the layout of your children's rooms because it is fully modular.

13-05-2013 15-00-20The New York brand Egg specializing in children's furniture ecodesign offers an exemplary production method: the wood and MDF come from eco-managed forests, the paints are eco-friendly, the varnishes are made from water and the furniture Egg do not contain any PCP, PBDE or phthalates.

Well, I reassure you, I did not bring it from the USA, Œuf sent me back to their French distributors.

I will be delivered in three weeks, additional cost in postage less than 70 €

I'll keep you informed!

see you soon


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