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Many of us still buy our usual bottled water packs. What is not taken into account is the detrimental impact of these single-use plastic containers. Indeed, a considerable quantity of these bottles escape the recycling circuit and end up in our oceans. The only alternative to this problem is to purchase a reusable bottle. The vast choice available today will make the switch considerably easier.

Reusable bottle: an ecological and economical alternative

By adopting a reusable bottle on a daily basis, you will avoid producing polluting plastic waste. According to an alarming figure published by WWF, on average we throw away 53 kg of plastic waste. A significant part is made up of single-use bottles. By opting for a reusable bottle, you save the rejection of tens of kilos of products that are harmful to the planet.

Another virtue of the zero-plastic single-use lifestyle is economy. In fact, single-use bottled water costs 100 to 300 times more than tap water. Likewise, you will make substantial savings if you prepare your coffee, tea or infusions at home. In the long term and combined with the lifespan of the models of premium reusable bottles, you will preserve your wallet.

Design and functionality: the reusable bottle is reinventing itself

To facilitate your transition to the reusable bottle, bet on premium brands that compete in ingenuity to seduce you. In addition to the choice of colors, you can choose from among many styles: contemporary, vintage, unusual ... Much more than a simple container, the bottle becomes a real fashion accessory.

The functions of the bottles are also enriched. We already know the insulated reusable containers that keep our drinks hot or cold. Also note that today there are gourds for infusions: coffee, tea, herbal or fruit. The most innovative models will please technophiles. Indeed, there are connected reusable bottles that tell you about your hydration status. And if you want to purify your water, bet on a filtering or purifying model.

Gobi Indoor reusable bottle

Gobi Indoor: a 100% French reusable bottle.

Company: personalize your reusable bottles

As part of a truly committed CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy, a company can promote the reusable bottle. To strengthen your brand image, opt for personalization. Whether distributed to employees or customers, the container will thus be a lasting communication medium. In addition, it helps to take care of your ecofriendly brand image.

Some models have an individual customization option. Thus, you will be able to offer a nominative reusable bottle that will encourage its owner to use it on a daily basis. In addition to the bottles, you can also set up a filtering fountain within your company. Thus, you guarantee the quality and flavor of the water dispensed. You will also be consistent in your sustainable development approach.

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