La advertising bottle is THE business gift of the moment. Useful, it accompanies users everywhere to convey a positive image of the company which affixes its logo to it. It limits the consumption of disposable plastic bottles that are often found in nature. However, many of these bottles are made in China or Eastern Europe. And these bottles are often made from recyclable materials, but no sector is organized to carry out this recycling. My eco-design has looked into the question and proposes a advertising bottle made in France, with very good ecological advantages.

The advantages of the advertising bottle as a business gift

ecological advertising object

Many companies of all sizes are looking for business gifts to give to their employees, customers or suppliers. It is difficult to stand out with these promotional items that we see everywhere. And the objective is clearly that this object is used by the user, to convey the brand or the company. The water bottle or water bottle is clearly a useful product that you take everywhere, at home, in the office, on travel, etc.

Here are the main advantages of the promotional bottle as a corporate gift:

  • it can be used daily. It is essential to hydrate regularly throughout the day for better health and to remain effective. The very fact of having a gourd with you nearby encourages you to drink, rather than getting up and going to the tap.
  • it is an ecological alternative to the disposable plastic water bottle, to the single-use water bottle. The most environmentally friendly way to hydrate is to drink tap water from a reusable bottle. The quantity of waste produced is limited, which can be a source of savings for a company.
  • this action will limit the amount of disposable bottles in oceans, seas, along roads, etc. Thrown on purpose or blown away by the wind, plastic water bottles are found in very large quantities in nature.
  • advertising bottles can offer a large marking area, great communication for a company, a community, etc.
  • they convey a positive image of respect for the environment, commitment to sustainable development

The advantages are numerous and clearly allow you to differentiate yourself from the promotional key ring, the pen, etc.

sphere advertising bottle with a large customization area

Who are the users of reusable bottles?

Everyone needs a reusable water bottle or bottle. Companies have understood this and are offering this product as a corporate gift. The needs can be diverse:

  • offer each employee or collaborator a bottle of water. This makes it possible to limit the production of waste such as disposable mugs or cups, disposable bottles. They want to initiate a new way of hydrating in their business. This purchase is often accompanied by the water fountain equipment placed in the corridors, in the meeting rooms. Each employee then goes to these ecological water fountains to fill his gourd, flocked with the name of the company of course.
  • this business gift can be offered at an event to customers or suppliers, a new premises inauguration, a company anniversary, a trade fair, a new product launch, etc.
  • some companies simply offer a personalized water bottle that will accompany employees on their excursions or vacations

Advertising bottle: Tritan or PET?

Fullerenes reusable plastic bottles are mostly made from Tritan. This plastic without BPA or phthalate, is certainly 100% recyclable but it is never recycled! The essence of a reusable water bottle is that it can be reused over and over again. Bottles are therefore thrown away much less often than single-use bottles. The quantity of material collected is therefore insufficient to organize a recycling channel, even if this represents a large volume. This is why the Tritan bottles must be thrown in the residual household waste dumpster, and not in the recyclable waste dumpster.

My eco design, when designing its range of promotional bottles, opted for PET. PET is the same material as the plastic in top-brand disposable bottles found in supermarkets. It is also guaranteed without BPA and phthalate, it is an obligation. The advantage of this material is that it is very widespread, a recycling channel is therefore organized. PET bottles must therefore be disposed of in the recyclable waste bin at the end of their life.

The main advantages of ecological advertising bottles my eco-design

Here are the main advantages of advertising bottle made in France de my eco-design:

  • the design of nomadic bottles my eco-design is neat. The shapes are atypical on the often monotonous market for water bottles
  • it is possible to get colored bottles, just like the cork
  • the advertising bottles have been designed to offer a large marking area, a large communication area for companies
  • the bottle is reusable, it is not thrown away after each use. It is thick enough for it to be a real gourd, resistant and durable
  • the plastic used for the body of the bottle is recyclable, a recycling channel exists
  • the PET in the body of the bottle is of German origin, it is not from Korea as is often the case. This allows to have an exact knowledge of the composition of the PET, and to have the necessary certificates.
  • the body of the nomadic bottle is made in France
  • the cap is made of PP, Polypropylene, also recyclable with an existing recycling channel
  • the cap is made in France
  • the stopper is not a simple stopper. It is a two-part sport cap that allows easy drinking from the neck
  • the marking of the bottle, the printing of the logo or any other motif, is also carried out in France
  • 100% French manufacturing allows great flexibility and responsiveness

All bottle designs my eco-design are available here. For a need for bottles in smaller quantities, the Pimp my Bottle website offers a wide choice of bottles and gourds, from 50 units: click here

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