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The Thonet chair is a must have for cafes, restaurants or brasserie. The design chair n ° 14 was designed in 1859 by Michel Thonet.


Célia Persouyre, who presents herself as an Artisan Designer, has decided to pay tribute to this design icon.


The kit is now commonplace, we see it everywhere, from mass distribution to independent designer. But know that chair n ° 14 is the first piece of furniture designed as a kit.


Célia's project consists of a table and 4 chairs, as well as a real Thonet n ° 14 chair. The 4 chairs and the table integrate an element of the chair n ° 14. To go further, each of the added elements are essential. If we remove these elements, the 4 chairs and the table no longer perform their function.


The elements of Thonet chairs remain dark, the lines sinuous. Conversely, the rest of the furniture is contemporary, straight and clear.


Well done to Célia Persouyre who proves that we can very well bring to vintage furniture with a touch of contemporary design.


Do not hesitate to visit Célia's site, Craftsman Designer

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