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Marketing is one of the priorities of a company wishing to promote its brand. To this end, there are various means for undertaking these promotional efforts. Today, the environment is at the heart of concerns. Brands are therefore more inclined to carry out green advertising campaigns to attract customers. As part of this ecological operation, My eco design offers its advertising bottles. Those are 50 cl advertising bottles, ecological, and 100% recyclable. The bottles are used to communicate with customers and to offer drinks in bulk.

100% recyclable ecological bottles made in France

Reusable PET designer advertising bottle

To reach consumers, brands must focus on the originality of their marketing campaign. This is precisely what My eco design is aiming for with the 50 cl advertising bottles. They are both containers and advertising tools to promote brands.

These nomadic bottles are designed with respect for the environment. They are made in France and have a cap to be able to drink directly from the bottle. The advertising bottle is reusable. This thus makes it possible to reduce the production of disposable plastic bottles. Remember that this process increases the emission of greenhouse gases.

In addition, the bottles have a unique design. They have been specially designed to allow brands to convey an eco-responsible image. Each advertising bottle has large areas of markings dedicated to advertisements.

It should be known that the advertising bottle is economical. In fact, bottled water is 1 times more expensive than tap water. If a brand then offers this advertising bottle design to its customers or employees, they can use them to transport water.

A wide choice of advertising bottles for bulk drinks

advertising bottle with large branding area

My eco design offers a wide choice of advertising bottles for companies. These can choose between the models Will, Sphere, Print, Hexa, Gustave Tower, Flute, Cylindre Cut, Cylindre or Style cut. The design of each advertising bottle is the result of C + B Lefebvre's know-how. A tailor-made design is also available.

All these promotional bottles are nomadic and customizable. My eco design itself produces the edition of the bottles for the companies that order them. Note that it adapts the design to the company's objects so that the advertising bottle be truly message-carrying.

My eco design takes care of everything related to the transport of advertising bottles. She delivers the bottles to companies. It is then up to the latter to distribute the advertising bottles to the public.

Advertising bottles are not only used to promote the brand to targets. They are also a tip for offering bulk drinks. Indeed, with a advertising bottle, customers can buy drinks without also having to take the bottle. This constitutes an ecological gesture, both for the manufacturing company and the consumer. Admittedly, the concept of the bulk drink is not yet very common. However, for businesses that want to stand out, this could be an original marketing campaign. It could thus launch the trend of nomadic advertising bottles and attract a wider clientele.

Discover my eco design promotional bottles.

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