Selective sorting is essential for the survival of the planet. This everyday gesture is learned from an early age and must be put into practice systematically. However, it is not enough to have separate bins for each type of waste that the virtuous habit will establish. It is to facilitate the learning of selective sorting that the Selectibox stickers were created.

Selectibox stickers: introduce you to the simple steps of selective sorting

The selective sorting bins Selectibox offered on My Eco Design have the advantage of displaying easily identifiable pictograms. But these inscriptions directly present on the baskets are not sufficient. The pictograms must be reinforced by the presence of explanatory visuals. This is particularly useful in a school environment.

Just like its bins, Selectibox stickers have been designed on the basis of ease of use. The visual is attractive while meeting educational needs. No long texts or complex images. We have opted for a choice of colors in accordance with legal requirements while remaining attractive.

Selectibox stickers: improve the visibility of your sorting bins

In addition to fulfilling their didactic vocation, Selectibox stickers also facilitate the identification of your sorting bins. Both regular and passing users will recognize at a glance where to throw their garbage and how to do it.

This optimized visibility is an additional asset for acquiring the necessary actions for selective sorting. In addition, you highlight your commitment to sustainable development. This eco-responsible policy plays a major role in promoting your establishment's brand image.

Posters to be completed by additional educational actions

For maximum efficiency in the actions to be taken to promote selective sorting, Selectibox posters alone are not sufficient. Indeed, these visual supports are essential to guide the users, but they do not inform about the stakes of this ecological gesture. For this, it is necessary to organize meetings, workshops and other educational operations that clearly explain why to sort and how to do it.

In schools, especially in small classes, recess should be closely supervised. When throwing away the snack packs, children should be reminded of the essential rules for waste management. The cultural difference between home and school sometimes makes it more difficult to assimilate eco-friendly gestures.

Selective sorting: one action among many to better respect the environment

The selective sorting highlighted by the Selectibox posters is not the only action to be taken to preserve the planet. It is indeed necessary to sensitize the maximum number of people in the management of waste sorting. This will allow you to promote reusable bottles and cutlery. Thus, we generate less plastic and packaging boxes.

La setting up of an environmental club, in school or in business, is an excellent initiative to improve the ecological impact of a structure. Thus united, the members benefit from the strength of the group to persuade the most reluctant.

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