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ISOTEA is our new design and isothermal tea fountain. The transparency of glass for a new experience of serving and tasting tea… A product my eco-design, design signed C + B Lefebvre.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you today ISOTEA, our new design and isothermal drink dispenser. We have been marketing since 2009 and manufacturing in France since 2012 the Aquaovo filter fountain, a water fountain that offers a design and ecological alternative to the traditional plastic water fountain or connected to the water network. Our customers, hotels, spas, wellness centers, have often asked us if our fountain, in its juice fountain version, could contain hot drinks. Most of the tea fountains on the market being opaque to be insulating, we made the decision to design our own tea fountain, meeting our positioning, that is to say combining design, innovation and environmental awareness.

ISOTEA, new design and isothermal tea fountain

isothermal fountain for hot drinks

ISOTEA, with its 3-liter capacity, offers a new tea-tasting experience in a hotel, spa, etc. The transparency of the glass makes it possible to highlight the proposed drink, which can reassure your customers while offering a natural design in line with your decoration.

This tea fountain is insulated thanks to the double glass walls. This double glass wall acts as a thermal insulator, it keeps drinks hot for 4 hours! The cork stopper also helps retain heat.

ISOTEA is equipped with a removable tea filter. Once the tea filter is filled and immersed in water, the tea begins to diffuse, a very nice effect to offer to your customers.

A unique multi-tasting experience!

Align several ISOTEAs and offer your customers a unique multi-tasting experience of your different references of tea / infusion or other juices.
Ideal on a hotel breakfast buffet to offer tea, coffee, juice etc.

transparent drink fountain, to see the drink you are serving

What about serving cold drinks?

As an option, we offer a cooling bar for serving cold drinks: juice, cocktail, iced tea. Place this stainless steel bar in the freezer, pour your drink into the fountain and place this freezer bar hanging from the cork stopper. It will keep your drinks cold longer ...


This new ISOTEA tea fountain is available on the store Aquaovo Europe.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or to receive a quote


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