The spa is a place of rest and relaxation for guests. It is nice to have a specialized corner in the spa for rest. This place allows you to benefit from refreshments and relaxation in a quiet place. In this quiet corner, you can have cold drinks so that customers can take a break during their moment of well-being. 

The need for cold drinks in a spa

The spa is a place of relaxation for clients. They can relax thanks to the various proposals offered by the spa such as the swimming pool or the sauna. Each spa also has a corner specialized in refreshment in order to discuss and share a convivial moment. 

Double glass wall insulated juice fountain

It is therefore important to have a refreshment corner to have drinks at the right temperature. The freshness of essential drinks to invigorate our body. Thus, the choice of container must be well thought out to keep the freshness of the water, syrup ect. 

ISOJUICE : the ideal fountain to maintain the temperature of drinks in a spa

ISOJUICE is an ideal water fountain for spas. Indeed, this dispenser can hold 3 liters of drink, whether water, juice or even iced tea. But above all, the design water fountain has a double glass wall. Thanks to this, the drink keeps its freshness for about 4 hours. Customers will be able to enjoy cold drinks. 

The transparency of the water fountain also allows you to see the level of the drink to know, you have to fill the container. Thus, it is much more convenient for employees to take care of the refreshment corner. Its sleek design makes it easy to integrate into the relaxing atmosphere of a spa. 

Finally, opt for the water fountain ISOJUICE makes it possible to have an ecological approach. Indeed, using a fountain makes it possible to avoid single-use containers such as plastic water bottles. The water fountain therefore avoids a considerable amount of waste in addition to being very practical.

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