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Today I am going to present to you an innovation, or rather several innovations, which have made it possible to divide by 3 the price of a metal staircase. The result of many reflections, hard work and above all real field experience in the design, manufacture and installation of metal stairs. I will actually introduce you RondCarré®, this new player indesign staircase kit...


RondCarré®, a UFO in the metal staircase market

The RondCarré® brand was born from more than 10 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation ofdesign steel stairs. Cyrille Mazet and Benoît Devrieux are above all two atypical ironworkers. Cyrille is a civil engineer by training and Benoît a jeweler! Their careers constantly push them to innovate, not to repeat the same gestures over and over again for the manufacture of a metal staircase. They avoid time-consuming tasks to take maximum pleasure in everyday life and not fall into a routine.

Boost of fate, they had to face an unforeseen event: theinstallation of a metal staircase on a construction site without electricity. Where many would have bought a generator to do the welding, they thought otherwise. How to install a seamless staircase? By taking up this challenge, they succeeded in reaching their goal: make the metal and design staircase accessible to as many people as possible. Here's how !

How was the price of a metal staircase divided by 3?

Many reflections have been carried out to arrive at the conclusion that many tasks could be optimized. They analyzed the entire process of manufacturing a staircase, from design to delivery to installation. The fruit of this work? Patented innovations that considerably reduce the cost price of a steel staircase, and therefore the selling price. It is important to specify that no compromise was made for the design of the staircase. They also surrounded themselves with Bruno Lefebvre, renowned designer who works for the biggest brands.

Design metal staircase to assemble yourself thanks to many innovations

Taking odds becomes easy

The first phase in the design of a staircase is taking dimensions. All you need to do is send 5 photos and 1 video of the location of your future staircase. The RondCarré® team then draws up a plan with the location of the dimensions to be recorded. Once the dimensions are taken, the plan is then scaled and you receive a 3D view of your staircase for validation.
You save the arrival of a craftsman who comes to raise the odds, no travel costs. You edit your quote yourself, you place the order directly, no administrative costs.

Delivery of your toolbox

RondCarré® offers you a new experience that begins 72 hours after your order. You receive your Rondcarré® tool box which includes 1 hammer, 2 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of earplugs and the installation instructions!

Then comes the delivery of your kit staircase

Within 4 weeks, you will receive your kit staircase on a single pallet. This includes your metal staircase, the template that will facilitate its assembly, and the railing.
A certain saving on delivery costs.

Cutting-edge technologies such as laser cutting are used to optimize and automate the manufacture of stairs with the aim of reducing costs.

The GabaritPivot®, 1st patented innovation!

The assembly of a metal staircase facilitated by a template!

This is a wooden jig that assembles in 15 minutes, without tools. It allows you to arrange the parts of your staircase and always work at the right height. It will take you 1 hour to arrange all the parts.
Discover the Pivot® template.

Le CarréFrappé®, 2nd patented innovation ...

Le CarréFrappé® is an ingenious system of rivets that must be struck using the hammer provided. This method of assembly combines tradition and new technologies.
A real child's play that allows you to install your metal staircase yourself, greatly reducing the cost price.

All you have to do is rotate the staircase using the GabaritPivot® in order to present it in its final configuration, and secure it.

Thanks to your collaboration and RondCarré innovations, the price of a metal staircase is well divided by 3!
I urge you to discover the RondCarré metal stairs.


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