GOT BAG is an eco-responsible brand that creates many products such as backpacks. In particular, this brand made it possible to design the first ocean plastic backpack. We therefore wanted to highlight the eco-responsible approach of the GOT BAG backpack designed in recycled plastic.

An eco-responsible backpack

The main principle of GOT BAG is to preserve the planet. Thus, it was very important for the brand to produce a bag with recycled parts. The bag is therefore made up of different materials: residual materials such as cardboard, PET plastic, but also plastic from different packaging, such as plastic bags. Thus, the bag is essentially designed with recycled materials. This is a new approach in the textile industry and an innovative breakthrough for the planet.

A bag with PET 

Thanks to GOT BAG, more than 100 tons of ocean plastic was collected to design the backpack. Using PET plastic is therefore a very good alternative for making backpacks. Just like our ACQUADRI bottle made in RPET, the GOT BAG backpack is eco-designed and is therefore part of a eco-responsible and innovative approach !

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