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Here is a new brand of light and designer water bottles is now available on the online store www.aquaovo-europe.com. Discover 24 bottles...
The number of references reusable bottles continues to grow, for the good of our planet and our health.
The design of these bottles prompts us all to do without plastic water bottles, single-use water bottles. We therefore favor the use of reusable bottles. Aesthetic, practical, ergonomic, there is no lack of arguments to highlight these bottles.

pack of designer stainless steel bottles, and ultra-light

Today I present to you 24 Bottles, an Italian brand that offers reusable, lightweight stainless steel water bottles. Lightness is the argument that most characterizes these 24 Bottles bottles.

water bottles 24 bottles, design and ultra light, to take everywhere


The 50 cl bottle is advertised at 103 grams, 107 grams with the cap.
The 1 L bottle is advertised at 145 grams, 158 grams with the cap.
This is significantly lower than the competition. Ideal for taking this designer bottle everywhere, on a hike or a trip, in the office or at home.

stainless steel water bottles, design and the lightest on the market


An optional cover is available with the 50 cl bottle, for better protection and better thermal properties, for hot drinks for example.

Finally, the pastel colors of the 50 cl model are simply magnificent and in the era of time !!

To know more: Aquaovo Europe

ou pimp my bottle

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